Hidden Secret Boards in Drive Zone Online

10 Hidden Secret Boards in Drive Zone Online Car Game

I heard about hidden secret boards from other players in online communities. I was curious about the location of these secret boards and how I could access or recognize them. This curiosity increased my interest in Drive Zone Online. I started to research it. After completing the research, I am here with the solution for your guidance.

These secrets are not available in the main game interface because they require experience and some extra effort. In this article, we will talk about the ten hidden secret boards, their locations, and tips for recognizing them.

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10 Hidden Secret Boards in Drive Zone Online

Make sure you have the latest Drive Zone Online APK installed on your mobile or desktop before checking out the boards. Let’s discuss the locations where secret boards can probably be found:

1. Midnight City 

On online Platforms, I saw that many players of Drive Zone Online talk about the hidden secret boards of Midnight City. I wanted to find it, so I watched some YouTube videos.YouTube videos show players finding attractive hidden boards in Midnight City. The reward after smashing these boards is also still being determined. 

These boards are tucked away in Midnight City’s hidden nooks and crannies. We need to pay attention to alleyways, rooftops, under the bridge, and in the bushes. Keep an eye on unusual things; these boards may have different designs and low glow. I also joined the social platforms and communities of Drive Zone Online. I also seek help from other players to find hidden boards.

2. Industrial area

The industrial areas in Drive Zone Online are vast. Look at the train tracks near the railyard, on the top floor of the factory, Tight spaces, under overpasses, or tucked away in corners. So start playing games, explore those industrial zones, and see if you can unlock these hidden treasures. Then, share your experience with the Drive Zone Online Community.

3. Docks

In the Drive Zone Online Game, finding a way to the docks is itself a mystery because there is no specific location provided on the map for it. There are hidden areas at docks, like a playground for adventurers. There is a probability of finding the hidden boards there.

The other locations where players can find the hidden boards are the crane near the docks on Elm Street, the cargo ship on Maple Street, the container stack on Oak Street, the lighthouse on Maple Street, and the submarine pen on Elm Street.

4. Highway Hidden Secret Board

The hidden highway secret boards offer an immersive gaming experience to all skill-level players. Each board has unique challenges and rewards.

You can find the hidden highway boards in overpasses, tunnels, and bridges on Maple Street, at the rest stop, and in the abandoned gas station.

5. Forest

The greenery of Evergreen Forest in Drive Zone Online might seem peaceful, but it has hidden challenges and barriers. Dense foliage and winding paths can make boards easy to miss. Pay attention to deep shadows and under bridges.

Don’t be fooled by the straightforward path of the forest. Some boards may be hidden behind waterfalls or other environmental features. You may find them in a tree house under a lake, in a cave, in a campsite, or in an abandoned ranger station.

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6. Mountains

Look for environmental clues like smashed foliage. This might predict the path less traveled and lead to the hidden board path. Don’t be afraid to explore verticality. You can find hidden boards in the mountains at locations such as mountain tops, ski lodges, winding roads, the old mine, and the abandoned cabin.

7. Desert

The desert landscape of Drive Zone Online holds more than just burning temperatures and dusty tracks. Look for unusual formations, hidden pathways, or anything that disrupts the natural flow of the track. Use desert dunes to your advantage. Climb to a high vantage point and hunt the landscape. You can find the hidden boards at ghost towns, oases, abandoned gas stations, old mines, and abandoned cabins.

8. Airport

The unused Airport map in Drive Zone Online is more than just a bare wasteland for drag racing. These boards are cleverly disguised, sometimes blending into the airport environment. Keep an eye on them. Explore beyond the apparent racing paths. Airport structures and abandoned planes create a complex structure. The prediction for finding the hidden boards at airports is at the control tower, hanger, runaway, baggage claim area, and VIP lounge.

9. Racetrack

The racetrack of Drive Zone Online is straightforward, but it dominates the competition. Explore the nooks and crannies of the racetrack at your own pace in your practice runs. It allows you to focus on spotting hidden targets. High speeds are thrilling on the racetrack, slowdown in strategic areas, especially near tight corners. You can find hidden boards in the racetrack location at the pit lane, grandstands, starting grid, victory podium, and trophy room.

10. UnderWater

Dive deeply into the magical world of the ocean on your screen. You’ll find all sorts of amazing things, like colorful fish, mysterious shipwrecks, and maybe even hidden boards. But be careful while swimming; maybe there are obstacles in your way. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden secrets beneath the wave. Take time and oversee everything that comes your way.


In Drive Zone Online, there are hidden pink targets called “secret boards” scattered around the racetracks. No matter if you like to race for fun or love finding things, these secret boards are fantastic! By smashing them, you can get rewards. Keep your eye on everything that comes in your path and on every hidden feature. Happy Racing!

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Why should I bother searching for secret boards in Drive Zone Online?

Secrets boards add extra fun and offer unique rewards to the game, enhancing the overall game experience.

How do I access these hidden secret boards in Drive Zone Online?

To find the secret boards, you might need to do some extraordinary things in the game or just look in unexpected places, like behind buildings or way off the main road.

Can I share the locations of these secret boards with other players?

There might be a big urge to share with fellow gamers. Part of the fun lies in the thrill of finding these hidden gems on your own. However, you can always share hints or clues to guide others on their journey of exploration.

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