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5 Ways to Unlock Paint Colors and Rims in Drive Zone Online

Drive Zone Online is the fastest racing game where we can test our driving skills. It’s not only about winning the race,  it’s also about expressing yourself through race.  I am always curious to know about the things that increase my car’s look. The paint colors and rims play a crucial role in the car’s appearance. However, access to the new paint colors and rims is limited.

 But you don’t need to worry, I have a solution. In this article, we will discuss the five methods to unlock paint colors and rims in the Drive Zone Online. Let’s start to explore them.

5 Best Ways to Unlock Paint Colors and Rims

 The list of these methods are:

  • Completing Daily Challenges
  • Participating in online tournaments
  •  Purchasing with in-game currency
  •  Using cheat codes or hacks
  •  Watching advertisements for rewards

Method 1: Completing Daily Challenges

To test your racing abilities, Drive Zone Online offers daily challenges. These challenges can be anything, it can be to win three 3 races in a row to test your speed, or to drift around corners to prove your car control skills. By completing these daily challenges, you can get rewards and master your driving skills.

These rewards include cash,  new paint colors, or rims. The daily challenges can be your ticket to the perfect shade of your car like mysterious black, fire red, or any bright car. The rims are the metal rings around your car. Take it as the jewelry of your car and decorate it accordingly.

So, if you planned the paint colors and rims for your car or inspired for any friend’s car then fire up your engine and ready your car to complete these daily challenges.

Method 2: Participating in Online Tournaments

You can test your driving talent in Drive Zone Online tournaments. Online tournaments create a thrilling environment, imagine you are surrounded by the top racers, and everyone is hungry for victory. It is sometimes a confusing situation but overall exciting.

I feel at an extra level when I prove my skills, climb the leadership and earn rewards. These tournaments offer surprising awards to the top 3 including new paint colors and rims.  Last time, I won the reward ride decked out, which is the one kind of paint or set of rims so rare.

I am proud of myself when everyone knows I am the champion of the racers. The online tournament taught me to sharpen my skills regularly like to become a well-rounded racer, master new techniques, and learn new strategies.

Method 3: Purchasing with In-Game Currency

When we complete the race or accept the challenge the Drive Zone Online offers us the in-game currency which is like digital cash. By using this digital cash you can purchase new paint, colors, and rims that you want.

You can even earn this cash by just playing the game and participating in-game activities. You have complete control to use the in-game currency. You can buy what you want. If you want to improve the appearance of your car or want to decorate it with rims, go, play, and win. 

Method 4: Using Cheat Codes or Hacks 

I always prefer to play fair in the game, but here we have the option of playing with Drive Zone cheat codes. It is a less conventional method. Cheat codes or hacks offer a shortcut to get your favorite customization options like paint colors or rims.

But always use it carefully. Developers continuously monitor the game, so the usage of cheat codes can be tricky. But be a safe player. You can unlock paint colors or rims with cheat codes. It is a quick solution, use it when you need it. 

Method 5: Watching Advertisements for Rewards

You can get unlimited money in Drive Zone Online. Who doesn’t want it? Of course, everyone wants it. Drive Zone Online allows you to earn in-game cash by watching short advertisements. 

You don’t need to spend the real money. You can then use this digital cash to buy the new paint colors and rims. Daily spent some time watching the advertisement and earning the in-game cash.


In this article, we explore the five methods to unlock the paint colors and rims. The methods involve completing daily challenges, participating in online tournaments, purchasing in-game currency, using cheat codes, and watching ads in Drive Zone Online. Have you tried these methods while playing Drive Zone Online? How was your experience? I will be happy to hear about it.


Can I purchase paint colors and rims directly with in-game currency?

Yes, you can! Drive Zone Online allows you to use the in-game currency. You can purchase the new paint colors or rims from the in-game store.

Can I trade or share paint colors and rims with other players?

Yes, you can trade the paint colors and rims with other players. Check the marketplace and join the online communities. Tell people about your services in the Drive Zone Online communities.

How often are new paint colors and rims added to the game?

The developers of Drive Zone Online frequently add new paint colors and rims to the game. Regularly check the updates and announcements to see what exciting new customization options are available!

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