Unlock New Cars in the Drive Zone Online

How Do I Unlock New Cars in the Drive Zone Online?

I play Drive Zone Online so that I can unlock all new features, such as cars and other parts. Your objective in playing the game can be different. But if your objective is the same as mine, then this article is for you. In this article, we will see in detail how you can unlock new cars in the Drive Zone Online without spending real money.

And why new cars? Firstly, using the same cars again and again can be boring. New cars have new features, new looks, and more power. Secondly, unlocking new cars can be exciting and rewarding and can level up your game.

But when it comes to unlocking, the first solution that comes to everybody’s mind is real cash. It’s not only the single solution. We will see 10 more strategies that can unlock the new cars in Drive Zone Online without spending real money.

10 Ways to Unlock New Cars Without Spending Real Money

Let’s see in detail the 10 ways to unlock new cars without spending real money. The key points are:

  • Complete Missions or Levels
  • In-Game Currency
  • Time-Limited Events
  • Achievements and Trophies
  • Daily/Weekly Challenges
  • Ranking Up or Leveling Up
  • Trading with Other Players
  • Loot Boxes or Reward Crates
  • Season Passes or Battle Passes
  • Community Events or Giveaways

1) Complete Missions or Levels

Completing missions or levels is the most rewarding way to unlock new cars in the Drive Zone Online. It takes effort and tests your driving skills. As you complete the specific mission or level, you will gain a reward with a brand-new car, or you can earn in-game currency to buy one. The nature of these missions or levels can be different. It’s a win-win; if you master the game and complete the most challenging mission, then the reward will be huge.

To unlock new cars and access the latest game enhancements, make sure you have the latest version of the Drive Zone Online car game mod apk. Download it now and take your gaming to the next level.

2) In-Game Currency

Drive Zone Online offers in-game currency that you can earn by completing specific tasks or challenges. Test your driving skills in races and challenges and collect the in-game currency. Keep an eye on the opportunities to earn in-game currency. By saving this in-game currency, you can buy new cars with unique abilities.

3) Time-Limited Events

To unlock the luxury cars, participate in time-limited events. These events offer special challenges or races with unique rewards or unique cars that are not available otherwise. Keep an eagle eye on these events, and once you find them, don’t miss them. Complete the special challenges as much as you can, and fill your garage with brand-new cars.

4) Achievements and Trophies

For completing specific achievements and earning specific trophies, Drive Zone Online rewards players with new luxury cars. Maybe one of them is your dream car. So play the game, be an expert in racing, and complete achievements and trophies to get your dream car.

5) Daily/Weekly Challenges

Don’t underestimate the power of daily and weekly challenges. They are quick and easy to do. Within a short time, you can complete them. It provides regular opportunities to earn rewards or new cars. Complete them on a daily or weekly basis and increase your garage collection.

6) Ranking Up or Leveling Up

In Drive Zone Online, you earn points or experience by completing specific tasks, winning races, or completing challenges. As you collect points or earn in-game cash, your “rank” or “level” increases. As you rank, the game gives you access to unlock new features and can give you the desired cars.

If you’re looking to level up fast and get ahead, check out our tips on how to level up quickly in Drive Zone Online Car Game.

7) Trading with Other Players

You have a garage full of decent cars but need to have your dream car within it. Or you want a dream car that some other players have. Then, trade those unused cars or other parts with other players. 

And gain a reward or get a desired car. Be a good negotiator, and tell other players what you are offering, talk with them, and check if they are interested in cars or parts that you have. Join online communities to trade your product. By trading, you can get your dream luxury cars.

8. Loot Boxes or Reward Crates

Loot boxes or reward crates are boxes full of mystery. You can buy them. Nobody knows what exactly is inside the loot boxes, which may contain the new car that you want.

Or it may contain some car parts that make you excited. But you can never predict; it depends on your luck. Sometimes, it may contain some common car parts that you may not like. Keep an eye on the opportunity to buy loot boxes or reward crates using in-game cash. 

9. Season Passes or Battle Passes

In Drive Zone Online, there are seasons like summer and spring, like in the real world. To celebrate each season, the game developers might introduce a season pass or battle pass. Treat these seasons as special tickets. 

When you buy a season pass or battle pass, you gain access to a bunch of rewards throughout that season. And these are like surprise gifts that you get when you play the game. These rewards can be your favorite car. The reward can give you access to your favorite items or can give you in-game cash, and by using that, you can buy your favorite luxury car.

10. Community Events or Giveaways

Community events and giveaways can present unexpected opportunities to unlock new cars. These events are fantastic opportunities to score rare rides. Developers use them to boost player engagement and create a sense of community. 

By participating, you not only have the opportunity to win an awesome car but also to connect with other gamers. Developers provide special events that allow gamers to earn rewards. Make sure you follow the official channels to stay updated on any upcoming events or giveaways.


In this article, we detail how you can unlock new cars without using real cash, as well as tips and techniques. But remember that consistency is the key, and practice makes the man perfect.

So try these tips to unlock the new cars and share your experience with us about how much this article helped you. Good Luck!


Can I unlock all cars in Drive Zone Online without spending real money?

Yes, by following the methods mentioned above, such as Completing Missions or Levels, In-Game Currency, Time-Limited Events, Achievements, and Trophies, Daily/Weekly Challenges, Ranking Up, or Leveling Up, you can unlock all cars in Drive Zone Online without spending real money.

 What’s the fastest way to earn in-game currency in Drive Zone Online?

Focus on completing missions, participating in daily and weekly challenges, and ranking up. These activities typically offer the most significant rewards in terms of in-game currency.

How often do time-limited events occur, and are they difficult?

Time-limited events vary depending on the game and seasonal events. However, they’re usually designed to be accessible to many players. Watch in-game notifications to stay informed.

Are there any tips for trading cars with other players effectively?

Communication is key! Research the value of the cars you want to trade and be prepared to negotiate. Join online communities, talk with players, and tell them what you are offering.

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