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How Can I Improve My Lap Time in Drive Zone Online?

The faster time lap goal adds an extra thrill to the game. Lap time in Drive Zone Online is the time it takes to complete a single route around a racetrack. It is important because the game’s overall success depends on it.

I always wonder how to find tips and tricks to improve my lap time in Drive Zone Online. And, of course, every player wants a smooth and perfect race on the race tracks. We can achieve this goal by enhancing our skills and techniques in the game.

In this article, we will provide detailed tips for improving your lap time that you can follow in Drive Zone Online. Let’s start.

8 Tips to Improve Your Lap Time

The critical points of these tips are:

  • Learn Basic Game Control
  • Improve Your Driving Skills
  • Practice Braking
  • Choose Long Racing Track
  • Practice the Same Track Repeatedly
  • Use Sport Tyres
  • Customize Your Car
  • Practice Time Trials

1) Learn Basic Game Control

First, make sure you have downloaded Drive Zone Online Mod APK onto your device. Then, take Drive Zone Online as a real car. To achieve your specific target or become a faster player in the game, learning the basic game controls in Drive Zone Online is necessary. Here, from basic game controls, you should have an understanding of how to steer, accelerate, and brake effectively to maintain control of your car.

Using an accelerator can make your car go faster. Learn how to press down on the gas pedal to gain speed without losing control. You should also learn how to safely slow down by using the brakes. By applying the brakes smoothly, you can avoid skidding and save time.

Turning the car around the corners can be a bit tricky. Try to do this smoothly and precisely to maintain control and avoid hitting the walls. Drifting is an advanced skill; it’s not necessary for beginners, but practicing drifting can improve your lap time. Practice these basics again and again and get comfortable with them.

2) Improve Your Driving Skills

When I say you should improve your driving skills, it means you should have knowledge of how to take corners smoothly, maintain good racing lines, and predict upcoming turns. These improvements will only be possible when you already learned the main basics of the Drive Zone Online.

To take turns around the corners is an art. And be a master in it. Do you know what an ideal race is? The race in which we take turns around corners at high speed without spinning out. And the only way you can master this art is practice.

The racing lines are not just pretty; they also navigate the race track. Learn the ideal race line for each track and practice it. It will help you improve your lap time.

3) Practice Braking

Many of you are thinking, why should I practice braking? It’s simple: press the pedal and slow down the car, right? Wrong. Let me tell you why. Let you arrive at a corner at high speed. Slamming on the brake will cause skidding, your wheel lock, and you will lose control.

It not only increases your lap time but also throws off your racing line. And all this makes it difficult to turn. To avoid this, do trail braking. It involves applying heavy brake pressure, starting to turn the wheel before you reach there, and slowly decreasing the pressure on the brake pedal.

This will help to maintain control, maximize speed, and sharpen racing lines. So try these trail braking techniques and practice them on different challenges.

4) Choose Long Racing Track

Longer racing tracks provide opportunities to improve your lap times. These tracks have lots of corners, straightaways, and sometimes complex layouts that help you improve your driving skills.

I give much more importance to the racing lines because the racing line is the ideal path around a track that allows for the fastest possible lap time. You will gain more experience and practice by choosing long racing tracks.

Developers don’t create all corners equally. Short tracks may have tight corners. Long tracks offer both light and tight corners. Take long racing tracks as an exam.

5) Practice the Same Track Repeatedly

The best tip I can give you is to practice the same track repeatedly. The main benefit is that playing on the same track again and again will master it. You will become familiar with the corners, layout, and overall structure, which will help you improve your lap time.

By practicing the same track repeatedly, the layout will add to your muscle memory. Your unconscious power will know how to brake, turn, or accelerate without paying much more attention. By repeating, you will learn about the racing lines and find the best one.

Braking is an important part of faster leap time. The more you practice, the more you will know how to brake smoothly and precisely. While you practice the same track repeatedly, you will understand the car, the tracks, and the game theme more and more.

6) Use Sport Tyre

Invest in your success. Here, I mean invest in sports tires. Sports cars will help you achieve superior grip and handling and allow you to take turns without losing control. All this will help you improve your lap time.

Sport tires are made from rubber compounds that mold according to the road surface. This allows you to brake later and harder in corners, and the car will feel more responsive and predictable.

7) Customize Your Car

Drive Zone Online allows you to fine-tune your car’s performance. Try different suspension settings, gear ratios, and settings to find the perfect setting for the track you’re racing on. It will increase your car performance and improve leap time.

8) Practice Time Trials

The beauty of time trials is that they feel free from the pressure of competition. This helps you sharpen your skills in peace. Here, you can experiment with different things like racing lines, braking cars, and different customization techniques without the fear of losing focus due to the competitive environment.

 It builds confidence, allows you to show off your creative skills in the game, and improves your running skills.


Following these tips can improve lap time in Drive Zone Online. After applying these tips, you will see a dramatic improvement in lap time.

You can enhance your driving skills and become a master at it by practicing it. But remember, consistency is essential, so keep practicing and stay consistent. Success is waiting for you. Happy Racing!


What’s the first step to improving my lap times in Drive Zone Online?

The first step is to learn the basic game controls, such as being an expert in accelerating, braking, steering, and drifting.

 Does practicing on the same track repeatedly help improve my lap times?

 Practicing on a single track again and again allows you to memorize its layout, identify ideal racing lines, and refine your braking points. It will help to improve the time lap.

 How can I use the game’s replay feature to improve my racing skills?

 Watch your replays from different angles to analyze your driving line, braking points, and areas for improvement. It will help you to identify weaknesses and target areas for improvement.

How can multiplayer races help me improve my lap times?

Multiplayer races add an exciting element to the game. Once you’ve honed your skills through practice, competing against others can push you to your limits. Observing the racing lines and techniques of faster players helps you identify areas for further improvement.

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