Drive Zone Online vs CarX Street

Drive Zone Online vs CarX Street: Which One is Best?

Driver Zone Online and CarX Street are popular racing games. The first one is focused on multiplayer racing but is also available on mobile platforms, and the second one is a mobile racing game focused on street racing.

There are many racing games available in the market. Sometimes, it is hard for us as gamers to select the game according to our tastes because there are many options available, and every racing game offers multiple features.

So, it’s better to perform a comparison when we have to choose one from two or more famous racing games. In this article, we are going to compare Driver Zone Online and CarX Street.

Let’s take a look at why this comparison is important and what the purpose behind it is.

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Drive Zone Online

Drive Zone Online is a car driving simulator game that offers an immersive and thrilling driving experience to explore “Grand Car Parking City” and race within it with both single-player and multiplayer elements.

You can participate in street racing, drift racing, or drag racing or invite a friend and drive around the city together. It is a free-to-play mobile racing game available for Android and iOS.

The first thing you will see as you start Drive Zone Online is the extensive and exciting city which you can drive around. The city is full of twisting roads, parks, industrial areas, and much more.

In Physics Engine, there is responsive, weighty car handling that inclines towards more realism than the Anti-gravity arcade-style driving. You can take challenges of your own choice, whether you are new or a pro.

Driver Zone Online also offers driver assistance, driver education, and services related to clean air zones and driver updates. We can build our dream garage by unleashing and gathering a variety of cars.

It also gives us the authority to customize our car at our leisure, like changing the paint job, rims, spoilers, and other visual aspects.

In addition, this game is suitable for those who are new to racing games and want to explore the open-world environment. It covers the basics and provides different races, fun over super realistic physics, and other features.

CarX Street

CarX Street is a virtual racing game that engages players in the heart-pounding world of street racing. It provides an Urban City Environment and Intense competition. Sunset City is your playground. The city is filled with winding streets, highways, mountain passes, and hidden corners.

This game challenges you to prove yourself in different race types, like high-speed street races, technical drift challenges, and more. Leave your rivals in the dust, conquer the underground clubs, and climb the ranks to become the king (or queen) of Sunset City’s underground racing scene.

The important feature of this game is that it offers a detailed car customization system that includes fine-tuning gear ratios, suspensions, breaks, and much more.

You can use gas stations to fuel your ride, and you can buy houses to build your unique car collections. And to create an exceptional car, we can paint jobs, rims, spoilers, and other aesthetic modifications.

CarX Street lets you race in a world that’s constantly changing, making it feel like a living race. The most effective feature is that the game continually adds new content via regular updates.

Drive Zone Online vs CarX Street

1. Game Lobby

Driver Zone online has a user-friendly game lobby that allows players to jump into the race quickly after hitting the button “Quick Match.” It gives quick access to the racers, and players choose a race track from available tracks and their desired mood and then jump into the action. It also offers players the option to interact with friends and share achievements and progress with them. The player can customize the car, and it provides a variety of options.

CarX Street has a visual presentation and immersed graphics where players set the stage for intense street racing. This game allows you to select the player count, race type, and track information manually. It also offers customization to players, but it has limited customization. It also allows one to interact with friends and share achievements.

2. Game Graphics

Driver Zone Online has impressive visuals, better lighting effects, vibrant color palettes, realistic environmental textures, lifelike shadows, reflections on vehicle surfaces, and detailed car models. It offers a diverse range of environments, such as countryside landscapes and bustling city streets.

CarX Street also excels in visual fidelity and offers urban environments, higher-resolution textures, and detailed car models. The graphics are in more detail, such as weather effects, particle physics, and dynamic lighting, creating a more realistic environment for street racing. It offers environments like recreations of city streets, industrial districts, and downtown areas.

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3. Inventory

Drive Zone Online has a vast inventory of vehicles spanning various categories, including sports cars, off-road vehicles, and even remote supercars. To unlock features in a game, players need to achieve milestones. This motivates players toward success. Driver Zone Online has something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of high-speed supercars, active drift machines, or robust utility vehicles.

CarX Street focused on an indexed selection of vehicles, tuners cars, and urban racing culture. From legendary JDM classics to modern-day performance cars, players can choose any vehicle. Similar to Driven Zone Online, players need to unlock certain cars by earning game-in currency. This adds the sense of accomplishment that players work to overcome the challenge.

4. Customization

Driver Zone Online offers a wide range of cosmetic customization options, including paint colors, decals, body kits, rims, spoilers, and more. It allows players to improve their performance through engine tuning, suspension adjustments, brake upgrades, and other Performance mods. Drive Zone Online also offers visual effects customization, allowing players to add special effects like flames, neon lights, and smoke to their vehicles.

CarX Street offers detailed cosmetic customization, including customization of every aspect of vehicles, such as body kits, rims, spoilers, and much more. It also offers performance tuning options, including engine upgrades, suspension adjustment, and fine-tuning the vehicles.CarX Street allows you to create and share custom paintwork with communities to showcase your artwork.

5. Maps

Driver Zone Online offers various landscapes, from lounge cities to scenic countryside roads and challenging off-road tracks. The game’s map is designed to provide a more realistic and immersive experience to players. The maps add unpredictable elements to the races, and they are filled with interactive and dynamic events.

CarX Street focuses on urban environments, so its maps have an intense atmosphere of street racing culture. Players can race through known locations such as downtown districts, famous bridges, and waterfront promenades, giving them a sense of excitement. The maps in Carx Street have narrow streets and tight corners that require accurate control and expert guidance.

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Which game offers better realism in driving physics?

Both Drive Zone Online and CarX Street offer realistic driving physics, but CarX Street is known for its consideration of detail when it comes to vehicle handling and dynamics.

Are there any differences in the available vehicles between Drive Zone Online and CarX Street?

Yes, Drive Zone Online offers a broader selection of vehicles, including sports cars, SUVs, and supercars, while CarX Street focuses mainly on street racing classics and tuner cars.

Do Drive Zone Online and CarX Street require an internet connection to play?

Yes, both games require an internet connection to play due to their inclusion of multiplayer modes and online leaderboards.

Can players compete against each other cross-platform in Drive Zone Online and CarX Street?

While Drive Zone Online supports cross-platform play, CarX Street currently does not offer this feature. However, developers are constantly updating the game so that cross-platform play may become available in the future.


The decision between Driver Zone Online and CarX Street is based on your racing preference. By comparison, we see that CarX Street is the winner in many aspects. So, the best game title goes to “CarX Street.”CarX Street has an interactive lobby, detailed weather effects, car models, and an urban environment. If you love big worlds, lots of events, and top-notch technology, then CarX Street is the game for you.

Both games carry open-world racing action to mobile devices with great customization options, graphics, performance, breadth of content, and multiplayer stability. Driver Zone Online provides a smooth experience, a simple lobby, detailed customization options, and six multiplayer. It offers a single, pre-defined map for racing.

If you prioritize a simple pick-up-and-play experience with excellent visuals and a focus on licensed cars, Driver Zone Online might be suitable. Both games are making mobile racing games even better by paying close attention to every detail in bringing urban car culture to life.

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